**** UPDATE**** We are extending the deadlines since so many people told me they sent images in to companies and they won’t be back in time. New dates. Design in by JULY 24th! We will choose the winners and announce them on the 31st. ******* Now you have time to make your shirt. Easy.

Grim North T-Shirt contest!

Saturday, June 30 at 12:00am at Grim North Tattoo and Piercing

We thought that a good way to start the summer right would be with ridiculous and awesome Grim North shirts.

Prizes are as follows;
1st prize chosen by Grim North crew- $250 for Grim North tattoos and piercings, $10 for the Friendly Toast, $10 for Jetpack Comics, $10 for River Run Books,  and $5 for Breaking New Grounds.  That’s a total value of $285

Most likes on Facebook- $250 for Grim North tattoos and piercings, $10 for the Friendly Toast, $10 for Jetpack Comics, $10 for BullMoose Music,  and $5 for Breaking New Grounds. That’s a total value of $285

4 Honorable Mentions- 4 prizes of $50 for Grim North tattoo and piercing, $10 to Jetpack comics, and $5 to Breaking New Grounds.  Prizes awarded to the 2nd and 3rd most popular Facebook photos and to the 2nd and 3rd choices made by the Grim North crew. 

This is easy.  All you have to do is come up with a cool/funny/crazy/ugly/artistic/weird T-shirt.   The only rule is that it HAS to say “grim north. Then you can make it on www.zazzle.comwww.customink.comwww.uberprints.com/ make it by yourself or with friends/ or pay someone else to make it for you.  You can make it alone, or with a group, it can be a men’s,  women’s or a kid shirt.  It can be super fancy or it can be simple marker.  It’s up to you.

After the shirt is made,  take a photo of someone wearing it and e-mail it to grimnorth@me.com with your name. We’ll post it up on our Facebook page. Then you can share it with your friends and get them to like it.

There are two large prizes.  One will be chosen by the crew here at Grim North, and the other will be chosen by all of you.  Whoever gets the most likes will win and we strongly encourage sharing the link and getting your friends to like your photo.

The rules are simple. Anyone can enter and win, but you must be 18 to get tattooed. You can enter individually or in groups.  You can decorate your shirt with anything, or use a third party to have your shirt made.   The only rule is that it HAS to say “grim north”.  It has to be a photo of someone wearing a real shirt.  All entries must be in by June 28th 2012 (but the faster you get them in, the more time you have to get votes!) and voting can begin as soon as we post the photos.  Winners will be judged and chosen on June 30th and posted by July 1st. We will be using these images on our website and Facebook, so entering the contest means that you’re giving your permission for us to use your images.

Shirts can be be chosen based on; 
Funny art
Funny phrases or jokes
really nice art
Goofy illustrations
Most interesting or cool photography
And people’s strange personal tastes