Hello All!

This is just a note to let you know that if you’ve heard any rumors, yes, we did have a water heater above Grim North explode and pour water all over our shop.  A lot of stuff was damaged, but mainly its the floor and walls.  It will take a couple weeks to rebuild, but when we are done it will be better than ever.  We had a couple of emotionally rough days, but we are doing ok now.  We have a temporary studio in the same building, but we will have to cut some of our workload.  We will still be doing piercing.  Please stop by our studio as we are open normal hours.

Thank you all for your well wishes and kindness.

In other news, its almost “Black Friday” and “Shop Locally Saturday.” Which is exciting because that means it’s almost the Holidays.  Buying the perfect gift can be hard, and expensive.  So a little after midnight on Black Friday we are going to post a secret code on here to get %10 off of our gift certificates.  You can buy them for yourself or a loved one… but the code will only work until 11pm on “Shop locally Saturday.”  The certificates will be sold HERE and we accept all sorts of forms of credit, including paypal (which offers a finance plan)  You can buy as many as you want.

So keep your eyes open and get ready, we’ll list it here and on our Facebook.  And Happy Holiday shopping!

-Stina, James and Steph