The Amsterdam Tattoo Museum (A.T.M.) is in danger of shutting down.  You can read our About page for more info, or the official plea for help here.  http://tattoomuseum.wordpress.com
Our goal is to pre-sell as many sketchbooks as possible and donate the profits to the A.T.M.

These books will be standard 8 1/2″x11″ and feature the sketches and line drawings of around 100 tattoo artists. They’ll be professionally printed, have a color cover, black and white sketches, be wire bound and the pages will be #60lb.

We will be selling them as a Pre-order until SUNDAY, JAN 13th, 2013.  Then we will order the books and begin shipping them over the next week.  There will be a very limited amount of books available after the Pre-Order, so don’t miss out.

Some of the artists who’s art is included;

Pat fish
Randy randerson
Sung Song
Emily Shoichet
Mathew Gordon
Nick Filth
Cyn Rudzis
Chelsea Shoneck
Billy Jordan
Rich handford
J.M. Wulfe
J. swarm Wood
Manny Hernandez
Karrie Arthurs
Stina Sard. Wulfe
Terry Ribera
Gwen Dolyn
Bobby Johnson
Justin Harris
Wendy Pham
Jason paxman
Greg whitehead
Black hand tattoo
Horikurohige aka Bruce Morgan
thea schultheiss
Joe Ellis
Mike lussier
Kim-anh Nguyen
Mike Moses
Greg kinnamon
Natalia Borgia

(and another 70 more so far!)