A few days ago our good friend, Josh, came home to find his dog, Irwin, badly injured and unable to move his legs. He brought him to the emergency pet center and they had to preform emergency spinal surgery. Unfortunately the costs are already well over five thousand and the vet isn’t sure what other things that Irwin will need. Josh is a really amazing local artist and his dog is his family. He can’t afford such expensive surgeries and Irwin doesn’t deserve to suffer. So….

We are having a fundraiser to help pay for Irwin’s spinal surgery. On Sunday, March 10th at noon we will be doing tattoos and piercings for donations. Also, Nick Filth will be joining us to help!

Donate $30 or more and get a piercing. Piercings will be nostrils (captive beads or gems), navels (captive beads or gems) or cartilage/ear lobes. (Must have valid I.D. Check out website for underage requirements)

Donate $35 or more and get a small tattoo. (Check our website and our photo albums for design options, sizes, colors and body placements)

We will also be doing a raffle for a Grim North gift certificate and selling some great prints and art from local and national artists. We’ll be adding photos of tattoo design options, the prints and art for sale and lots of cool stuff.  Plan on getting there early. If you’d like to give a PayPal donation please send it to me@joshuaandrewbelanger.com

Also! Earth Eagle Brewing (located behind Grim North) will be joining in. From 1-3pm on Sunday, March 10th stop over and half of the money from your drinks will go to Irwin.

So many great things for you to get, while making a difference to a sweet dog in need. Please share this event and invite your friends.

Here is a link to the images for tattoo designs.  We will be adding more each day.

Here is a link to buy a T shirt, if you can’t come to the event, or don’t want a tattoo/piercing.. you can still support irwin.  



I will be adding images of designs available for tattoos. Tattoos on legs, and arms only. NO RIBS/STOMACHES If interested in another body part, please call to ask. 603.433.2616