Well, The final count for donations is GREAT! $4,576 Which is just short of our goal. Amazing and awesome. Thanks so much to everyone who came out, donated, bought stuff and entered our raffle. It was great to spend time with so many great and like minded people. Thanks to The guys out back at Earth Eagle Brewings (for contributing part of their day and money), And Nick Filth of Hidden History Tattoo for working his bum off doing tattoos here all day long! The money raised will make a huge difference in Josh’s and Irwin’s lives and they’re super grateful. Thank you to everyone.

Also Thanks to the lovely ladies who worked the counter for 10 hours non-stop, Jess and Heather.  You two are the best. And thanks to all the people who donated great prizes to the Raffle. The winners are listed below;


-Hand beaded bracelet by Alex Sloan: Robin Nelson
-Stone and wire pendant by Alex Sloan: Robin Nelson
-Hand crafted Owl by tinylittleroom.com: Haven Milton
-Alien print by Joshua Belanger: Chris Henderson
-Painting by Christine Jozitis: Katie Kelly


-Dog treats by fleischsmithsbarkery.etsy.com and Irwin magnet: Katie Kelly
-Gift certificate from Rampantcanine.com for training and evaluation: Andy Dulary
-Custom designed collar and leash set by Tabor2010.com: Joyce K.


-Three pack of painting prints: Sara Hamilton
-$50 gift certificate to Grim North: Mike Alexander
-$250 gift certificate to Grim North: Haven Milton

Please stop by the shop to collect your prizes. If prize must be shipped to you please contact the shop during normal business hours to furnish us with your address. (we are also calling the numbers of the prizewinners to figure it out)

Congratulations to all our winners and a big thank you to everyone who came out to help support Irwin!! Josh is very grateful to each and every person that took the time out of their busy lives to help him and Irwin out.

Tinylittlerooms.com jeb tattoos by james

Owls, Magnets and bunnies from Heidi who owns www.tinylittleroom.com

Paintings by Christine Jozitis www.christinejozitis.com

Designer Leash and collar from Jebb www.tabor2010.com

Dog Training certificate from Hayley hayleysmith@rampantcanine.com

All Jewelry/pendants and gemstone ring by Alex Sloan

Handmade dog treats by www.fleischsmithsbarkery.etsy.com

And Tshirts and Prints by Josh www.joshuaandrewbelanger.com