This sale is for a PRE-ORDER ONLY!

We will be ordering these shirts/sweatshirts/dresses at the end of June and they will be available for July 25th (or around there) and will be shipped out promptly.  We are only taking PRE-ORDERS until June 22.

ORDER on our webstore HERE

Ink will be a light teal/blue, printed on your choice of colored item.

We will be ordering mostly blacks, greys and browns for our studio, but we are offering a very special PRE-ORDER limited edition color choice if you order now.  We are also offering a pre-order price.
We are only taking PRE-ORDERS until June 22.   So make sure to get your limited edition color ASAP. Call us with questions- 603-433-2616

dkgreywhale dress black purple darkgrey jade dome