Tattoo conventions might seem a little intimidating to the unaware.  But in all reality, its just a huge room filled with hundreds of little booths, each filled with the artwork and wares of individual tattoo shops.  Each shop does tattoos, and displays their work, giving you the opportunity to collect a new tattoo or a painting from tattooists from all over the world.

There are a lot of shows; sideshow acts, music, speeches by famous tattooers, art classes and tons of contests, games and things for sale.  There’s a little restaurant and a bar.

You can enter the contests for a measly $5 and then judges will look at your tattoos and decide who’s are their favorites.  (different tattoos are put into different categories) Winners get plaques and some get cash prizes.  This year, Grim North is offering a $50 gift certificate to anyone who enters a tattoo that they got at Grim North and wins a prize.  Because there are so many categories, you could walk away with a hefty bundle!

All in all its a pretty fun day to look around, people watch, enter a contest or just buy some cool art, books or clothing! Hope to see everyone there!!