So I haven’t had the time to tackle the possibly insurmountable task of going through my camera to pull out my photos.  That means a lot of tattoo photos are in camera limbo.  I do have a lot of decent quality Iphone photos, though.  I’ve been going through the photos that I have in my portfolio and deleting all of the older ones and adding newer ones.  If I’ve deleted your tattoo, please don’t feel as if I didn’t love doing it, or that I don’t like it.  My goal is to have a smaller portfolio that’s constantly current.  Maybe someday I will make a tattoo archive 🙂  Until then, I will keep rotating images and trying to keep my portfolio up to date with the style and subjects that I’m currently doing.  Thank you all, and please feel free to CHECK OUT the updates to my portfolio.  To stay even more updated and current, follow me on instagram or Facebook