So on Saturday, May 3rd we are going to do a Star Wars tattoo day and welcome Myles to the shop.

We are going to be putting a ton of designs up and ideas.. but mark your calendars and get ready for a fun day of star wars tattoos (some very subtle for the minor fans and some extra stewed in nerdery.)  We are going to have some small designs for $35 and some slightly larger designs for $50-100 and a couple of one offs designs available for a couple hundred.  We will be posting photos of designs and prices the next week.  For now, check out this awesome sheet of Star Wars Hello Kittys! Drawn and painted by our friend, the talented Tracey Nicole.

Then after the Tattoo day, we are planning on having a welcome party for Myles so that everyone can get to know him.  Super fun day and we hope everyone can make it!