Hello everyone, I wanted to leave a note here because we are going to be closed for most of next week for vacation.

There will be no piercer at the shop this Saturday, October 25th.
Then we will be closed Oct 26th and reopen Saturday November 1st.

Because there will be NO piercer on Saturday the 25th, Steph is going to run a special on Friday the 24th. $10 off of your cartilage, tragus, nose, and navel piercings. 

Keep in mind that we can get a lot of e-mails and while we try to answer them as fast as we can, I’m assuming they’ll get backed up while we are away. We won’t be able to reply to them until November 4th. So please be patient.

If you have a question about tattoos, you can check out our FAQ page here.

If you want to know about piercing prices, click HERE, for age restrictions click HERE.

If you suspect your piercing may be infected, or it is having problems please check out this page HERE (check out the pamphlets) and if it doesn’t help, seek medical attention.

If you want to make a tattoo appointment. Click HERE.  We will answer your inquiries in the order we get them.  But again, please be patient.  Myles will be booking for both Sat oct 25th and Saturday Nov 1st and taking walk-ins. So if you’d like to get in one of those days, please make sure to list your choice of artist as Myles and mention the date you’re looking for.

You may also call the shop and leave a message 603-433-2616

Again, Thanks for understanding.  We’ll see you when we get back.

-Stina, James, Steph, Myles