Thanksgiving day, Thursday November 27th, we will be closed. We will open on Friday November 28th at 1pm.

So for us, Thanksgiving is a time for family, and celebrating the year together.  We spend the day with people we love.  We cry over the people who aren’t with us anymore, we celebrate their lives and we give thanks for the people who are with us, the things we do have.

Every year we give thanks that we are so incredibly lucky to have jobs that we love.  It’s hard work, it’s a lot of hours.  We have to go the extra mile, continue to learn/grow everyday and we can never become complacent.  We are constantly working on our communication skills and our ability to work together with our clients to come up with beautiful designs that are loved and cherished as tattoos, but push us as artists to grow.  Sometimes its frustrating, thats the nature of jobs.  But its so rewarding.  It’s amazing that you guys, our clients, put so much trust in us.  I have so much gratitude that you guys show us your hearts and let us tattoo your dreams on you.  It can be a very humbling but also touching job. Thank you for being awesome.  We appreciate it so much, and we’ll continue to appreciate it for many years to come.