We are doing the Live Free Or Die Expo again this year.  As promised, here is the info.  I know that a lot of people are on Vacation or busy, but I figured I would send out all the info and if if you can go, great, if you can’t thats OK too.
This year it will be at the Radisson Hotel, 700 Elm st. Manchester NH.  July 24, 25 and 26.  Fri: 5pm-12am Sat:10am-12am and Sun:10am-6pm
You can buy online tickets here
The LFOD expo is pretty much a huge room with a ton of different shops and tattooers all set up in individual booths.  Each shop does its own thing, some accepting credit card, some only cash, some piercing, some selling shirts or artwork and all of them tattooing.  Different booths will have different rules about appointments.  Some people come for a single afternoon or night and lots of people rent a hotel room so that they can enjoy a couple days and not drive after the parties.
We usually try to book appointments for friday and part of sunday.  If you want a very large tattoo that can be entered for tattoo of the day, we will be willing to book on saturday, but otherwise we often try to leave a good chunk of saturday open for walk ins.  We bring a bunch of fun designs to choose from for that time.  ( we usually start posting those designs on Stina & James instagrams/ facebook in the weeks beforehand.) There are also a lot of live performances by bands and performers during the expo, along with lots of booths of books, clothes and art.  Theres food and drinks inside too.  After the convention, at night, there are usually afterparties as well.
There are tattoo contests on each of the days.  We personally provide a gift certificate prize to anyone that has a tattoo from our shop that wins a contest and the convention itself gives out plaques and for tattoo of the day a cash prize.   If you win a 1st place prize, we will give you a $100 gift certificate for Grim North.  If you win 2nd place we will give you $50 gift certificate for Grim North.  Usually you sign up and at the allotted time they call your number up and you go onto the stage where a few people look at your tattoo, and write down notes. Then you hang out and at the end of the night they give out awards for the winners of the contests.  You do not have to be there for the awards and if you win, we will get your award for you 🙂   You’ll have to read the contests and the contest Rules page to decide which category your tattoo fits into.  (they don’t have the specific days each contest is on yet, or the times the contests start yet.) HERE
and feel free to call or email  them for more info 603-413-5318 info@livefreeordietattoo.com
There is also a pin-up contest  which the theme is the 20’s (or flappers) on Saturday at 7:30
I will probably be reposting this stuff online again later when they put up the actual dates and times of contests.
Thank you and hope to see you there 🙂