Hello everyone! We are really excited to announce our new shirt design.  This year we are going ALL OUT.  We decided to make this design a little more special, in that it has a LOT of color. We have these printed by a high end print shop who does amazing work and on quality pieces of clothing.

The real special is that we also have hoodie sweatshirts listed.  Sweatshirts of high quality with this many colors are pretty expensive to make so we ONLY do them as pre-orders and we charge our cost.  We do not make a single cent on these.  You can only get them if you pre-order them.  We don’t order extras.

Everything will be up on our website for sale as a pre-order for a couple of weeks or so.  We are going to try or have these ordered around the end of the month so that we can have them shipped out and at your house by early to mid-July.

Want Free Shipping?  Follow Stina and James on their instagram accounts @teawulfe and @jmwulfe and watch for Coupon codes!


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