Hello Everyone,  So in anticipation for tomorrow’s small fundraiser we’ve had a lot of people call and message us with questions.  I figured we would do one big reply here and go over all of the info.

First,  we set aside a 3 hour block of time.  We really weren’t sure how well this would go, so it’s possible that 3 people will show up and we will sit around, or its equally possible that 100 people will show up and we won’t be able to help them all.  That being said, we are trying to set this up so that we can help as many people as possible and keep things moving quickly.  To do that, we need all of our participants to know what’s happening and follow the rules.

If, by for some chance, you can’t wait or you aren’t able to get tattooed, we can certainly take appointments for a later date. (pricing will depend on design or piercing.) We have time for tattoos on September 3rd from 12pm to 3pm and we WILL book appointments for that time instead of walk ins.  If that won’t work, you’re welcome to get on our waiting list for other dates.

If you or someone you know is not 18, or doesn’t want a piercing or a tattoo, thats ok too.  You’e welcome to donate money, and you’re welcome to purchase a semicolon necklace.


Necklaces $15 ($5 of that goes toward ASPF)

Tattoos $60 for any design ($20 toward ASPF)

Semicolon Double Piercing $60 for both, including jewelry ($20 toward ASPF)


  1. You NEED an ID.  Passport, license, nondriver state ID or Military ID.  If you are under 18 and want a piercing you need an ID or birth certificate, and  you also need a parent with an ID.
  2. Sign up on the list.  Only YOU can sign yourself up.  No holding places for people who aren’t here.  We have a limited number of spaces and it’s first come, first serve.
  3. If you’re getting a tattoo, you must pick one of the designs we have, at the size we have. If you want a different size or a different design, you’ll have to book an appointment at a later time.
  4. For tattoos, No hands, feet, necks, heads.  If you would like a different location, please book an appointment for a later date.
  5. For piercings, you may only get one loop one stud in the semicolon shape.  You can choose if you want it on your earlobe or your cartilage on your right or left ear.

I will have all the designs and sizes posted at the shop, or you can check below for the basic idea.  Don’t forget that this is a fundraiser, we’re here to have fun and support each other.  Excited to see everyone and have a fun night!  Thanks

image 11813480_901253323263110_6547025043567944935_n