Hello everyone.  We have been getting tons of new people messaging about tattoos this past week.  Everyone is getting tax returns and wanting new tattoos, which is awesome.

If you’re a new client or interested in getting a tattoo, please take a peek at our FAQ.  It covers a lot of great info on how we make appointments and the tattoo process here.

James and Stina currently have waiting lists to book June right now.  If you’d like to get on our waiting lists, please fill out an appointment form.  If you are trying to get in sooner, please understand that that will probably not be a possibility, especially on a Saturday before June.

Joshua is our apprentice, he’s been tattooing for a couple of months now.  He’s doing small/simple designs at very low apprentice rates for the month of April. If you’d like to get an apprentice tattoo please fill out an appointment form and write in the description that you’d like josh to do your tattoo.  He’s only tattooing arms and legs. He has many open appointments on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We have been receiving a heavy volume of E-mail.  Please be patient with us.  There are only a few of us here.  James and Stina usually answer e-mail once a week for 6 hours each.   Occasionally someone gets missed, our email system eats your email, or we reply and it doesn’t send properly.  If you wait a week or so and don’t get a reply, feel free to give us a call.  We never purposefully ignore people. But sometimes we get so much mail that it does happen.  Because of Tax returns we have been getting over a hundred emails a day.  Please bear with us!

We are excited to work with you guys to create amazing tattoos 🙂  Thanks so much!