So everyone knows that May 4th is Star Wars day, and we love to celebrate by doing Star wars tattoos all day.   It’s a pretty fun event that’s first come, first serve.  This year we have Josh doing a few apprentice tattoos around $50-80.  James and Stina will be doing some smaller tattoos and some large tattoos ranging from $70-300.  All of the tattoos are discounted at least $20, but the larger tattoos are discounted over $100.  We have a ton of designs.  Some silly, some really classic and some very feminine.  Click here for a sneak peak of just a few of the designs!  Keep in mind that we do have more than this, and we’re still adding some.  Most of these are custom drawn by us and not colored because you can pick the colors that you like.  There will be rules, such as places we won’t tattoo (like faces, sides of feet, hands).

This year we have a special surprise! a Raffle. EVERY SINGLE PERSON who walks in the door gets one free raffle ticket!! We have a ton of really awesome prizes.  Jetpack comics donated some great comic packs. (1.Kanan the Last Padawan 1-8, 2. Chewbacca 1-4, 3. shattered empire 1-4, 4. Princess Leia 1-5, 5. Lando 1-5, 6. Darth Vader 1-13, and Vader Down #1. ) And we have a lot of other great star wars books/toys.  You can buy additional tickets for $1 each or $20 for 30 tickets.  ALL of the raffle money raised goes to free comic day in Rochester. Helping to keep comics alive and promoting reading.

Walk- In on May 4th, get in line and get a Star wars tattoo! Keep checking back to see what prizes we add to the raffle, and to see new designs added.  Make sure to invite your friends and share our posts. Thanks!