Hey Everyone, we are happy to say that we will be attending the 10th annual Live Free Or Die Tattoo Expo.  Buy tickets here

What’s a tattoo expo?  A tattoo expo, or convention is usually a huge hall/center that’s filled with little booths that artists rent out to work.  You can walk around and see hundreds of tattooers at work.  There are usually little stores with fun crafts, jewelry or clothing to buy.  There are live shows, and contests for tattoos.  It’s a great place to walk around and show off your tattoos, look at other’s tattoos, find some new art, get a new tattoo, see artists at work (just like ink master!) and enter contests where judges judge your tattoos on a point system.

We will be taking some appointments and we will each have a little walk in time.  Right now, James has Sunday July 24th open for an appointment and Stina and James both have time on that Friday.  Feel free to message.

So here’s the low down.  Every year we ask people to go and enter contests and every year, maybe 5 people enter.  We get it, life is busy.  But we really appreciate when you guys enter your tattoos because then we both win.  This year we are asking you to come enter a contest and we’ll give you a $10 gift certificate just to enter each category. If you win 2nd place you’ll get a $50 gift certificate.  If you win first place, you’ll get a $100 certificate.  There are about 18 different categories and you can enter multiple.  Also, some of these contests have small, medium and large, so that’s more chances to win.

Here’s the schedule:

Friday July 22nd- opens at 5pm. Closed midnight.

Contest registration by 10:30, contest judging at 11:30 for Best cover up (bring a photo of before, and if you don’t have it, ask me, we do!), Half sleeve (We’ve done a ton of half sleeves this year!), Traditional Tattoo ( Ok guys, hardly anyone enters this and every time one of our clients enter, they win.  Please please enter), Best lettering or script, and best tattoo done that day.

Saturday July 23- opens at 10am. Closed midnight.

Contest registration by 5:30pm and contest starts at 7pm. Black and grey small, medium and large. (Listen guys, James has been doing so so much black and grey PLEASE come and enter!!) Best color, Small, medium and large.  (Again, Stina has been doing a ton of color pieces.  Even if your tattoo is small, please please enter!), Best Color Portrait (bring original photo), Best Black and grey portrait (bring original photo.  and James has done a few of these this year.), Realism, Horror Color, Horro Black and Grey, and Tattoo of the day.

Sunday July 24- opens at 10am. Closed 6pm.

Registration by 4pm.  Contests start at 5pm. Best arm or leg sleeve. (Again, we’ve done a few this year!!) Best chest piece, best back piece, best overall body tattoo, Tattoo of the day.