A couple quick notes.

  1. Saturday Sept 3rd, our piercer, Stephanie, will be out.  She will be having a $5 off piercing special for students with a UNH ID all of next week.
  2. We are trying to keep up with email. Right now, James and Stina are booked until Dec. So, please be patient and understand that if we take a couple weeks to respond, it’s not a huge deal, because we aren’t booking anyone else right this moment either.
  3. Josh is taking clients.mHe’s busy, but he has a ton of time and is waiting to take appointments and walk-ins.
  4. At this time, James is no longer taking new clients until after the new year.  He’s started some really huge projects recently, so his work load is full until then.  We will be opening his books again around November/Dec.  You’re welcome to ask him questions and pop over your ideas, but please understand that he can’t make any commitments until then. When we open his books, he will begging taking clients for his waiting list for 2017.
  5. We would love to work with every single person, so please don’t take it personally, but we are not always able to fit each person into the schedule.