So last month I made a post about emails, scheduling and wait list times.  First, I encourage you to look at our FAQ and see how we schedule and book.  There are 3 tattooers here, Stina, James and Josh. Josh usually has some time free each week, and doesn’t usually have a waiting list that lasts over a month.  James does a lot of black and grey work which can be very time consuming, so each piece might take more appointments.  That means he has less slots open for new clients or projects.  Stina has some larger pieces, but usually has room each month for some new projects.

We are now in the busiest time of year.

Everyone is getting their tax money, and everyone wants a tattoo.  Please understand, we want to do all of your tattoos, but sometimes time constraints can make it difficult.  Here are some things to consider;

1. We get a LOT of emails. Sometimes up to 100 a day during tax season. We are tattooing everyday and CAN NOT reply to every e-mail daily. We usually do email each week, but when there are 500 emails, it might be two weeks. Try to explain your ideas as thouroughly as possible. The less back and forth, the faster for you.

2. If you are looking to get tattooed that day, call the shop or walk in.  Josh can often accommodate walk-ins. But if you email in the morning about an afternoon appointment, we will not see it.

3.We can not tattoo every person.  I wish that it were so, but James had 22 people ask him for appointments this week alone, and he can only do about 10-14 appointments a week. If you want something simple, or something that’s not specifically custom to the artist, you might be asked to go to Josh, who has more time, and is very capable of doing excellent work.

4. Josh is currently booking March and April. Stina is taking people for her May And June waiting list. James is currently has a full workload until June.  Because he currently has so many large projects, he will not be taking most new projects until he opens his July waiting list.

5. We are not always able to accommodate everyone. We try our best, but there are more people looking for appointments than we have time for. We try our best to help everyone, but if the style you are looking for doesn’t suit one of us and we think someone else might be better for you, we might recommend another artist outside of our shop.

6. If you are on the waiting list for a specific month, and we call to schedule you, PLEASE call us back. We have multiple people who dont return our calls and wait until the next month. Our schedules are full and if you skip the month you’re on the waiting list for, you will have to wait much longer. We can’t book you an appointment if you dont call us back.

We are really excited to work with everyone, and sometimes if it takes 10 days to reply to your email, you might feel like we aren’t interested, but please understand that we are. We want everyone to be happy, but we also want to make sure you get the attention that you deserve. 🙂 Hope you guys all get amazing tax returns and we look forward to working with you guys on some great projects.