This Saturday, June 24th is Pride Day! Portsmouth has a ton of events going on all day and a parade! Please go to for info.  As part of the events we are going to be doing a huge fundraiser for Seacoast Outright, which is a nonprofit organization that gives teens support and help.  We will be open 11:30am-7pm and we will have Jeremiah Loui guest spotting with us. We are going to be doing tattoos all day, first come first serve. We have a ton of cool designs that show your pride or your support. We are seriously hoping to raise a bunch of money for this awesome organization. We will also have Louise out front selling a ton of luluroe leggings and she’ll also be donating funds to seacoast outright.

For those of you who might not want a tattoo, or might not be old enough, please stop in and buy a couple buttons, we have a bunch of designs. Or a Seacoast outright shirt and some leggings to match!

Get here early! We expect to be busy! For a peek at some of the designs, check out our Instagram @grimnorth_tattoo