Happy 6th anniversary
Grim North Tattoo and Piercing
We have lots of news for you guys! Firstly, We just celebrated our 6th anniversary as Grim North Tattoo and piercing. It takes a lot of work, a lot of time and effort, to be able to keep our shop open and we couldn’t do that without the love, the trust, respect (and money haha) you guys have given us. We do work really hard, but we are happy to put so much effort into so many amazing people. Sometimes I cant believe how amazing my job is. So thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. You’re all amazing. As a thank you, this year we are going to do a treasure hunt on Sat April 14th. We are going to hide a bunch of gift certificates worth $50 in locations around Portsmouth and surrounding areas. So grab a few friends, plan a trip to visit the area, and spend the day hanging around outside searching! It’ll be like Pokémon Go, only with other real people, in real life, and you get a better prize. Keep scrolling to the bottom for rules and how its going to work!
Boston Convention. April 27-29
We are doing the Boston Tattoo convention this year.
Go to for more info on hours, and directions.
Josh is booking appointments for the 27th and the 29th. James is Booking appointments for 27th, 28th and 29th. And Stina is booking for the 28th. Go to our website to inquire about making an appointment. There are also contests, we would LOVE if anyone wants to enter a contest. It means a lot to us when people love our work enough to enter a contest. If you win a contest, you get a $50 gift certificate to Grim North Tattoo.
May the 4th is our Star Wars Walk-in flash event! 12pm
Make sure to check our our instagram pages and facebook for sneak peaks of the designs we will have available, and the rules. We will have some other Star Wars based art, pins, patches and fun stuff available. It’s first come, first serve so make sure to be there at noon. Also check out our patch and pin store to see our new Star Wars designs.
Manchester NH Live Free or Die tattoo Convention.
July 20th, 21st, 22nd.
Just a reminder, we are doing the LFOD Manchester NH tattoo convention. IF you would like to attend, tickets are cheaper ahead of time. Also, we would really love it if you would consider entering a contest. They list the contest days and times a little closer to the dates, but most color and black and grey are on Saturday. Traditional tattoo is usually Friday. Last year we had 2 people enter contests, and they were amazing people. We won a trophy and thats awesome, but its hard to win when people don’t enter. And I completely understand! Everyone has plans. BUT if you win a contest, you get a $50 gift certificate to Grim North Tattoo.
Seacoast Outright Fundraiser.
There is no date or time set yet, but last year we did a walk in flash day for PRIDE, where people chose from designs and the profits went to Seacoast Outright Youth group. We are in the works of planning a second one! Keep an eye out on more to come.
Ok I know this is what you’ve been really waiting for. Here’s the details:
Early in the morning on Saturday April 14th, we are going to drive around town, and some nearby areas, and hide $50-$100 Certificates!!!
They will be wrapped in plastic, inside a type of container. So they’re safe even if they get wet.

  • On Saturday afternoon, at 12pm, we will post a picture of what the containers look like, a list of the areas they are in (example 5 gift certificates in Prescott park area) on our facebook page, on our instagram page, or you can stop into the shop and we will have print outs.
  • Each one will be $50 or more (there will be a couple $100 certificates, but you can only get 1 per person. After you find one, please let other people play too.
  • To activate these gift certificates, you need to post a picture of where you found it on your instagram and tag @grimnorth_tattoo in the photo itself.
  • If you dont post and tag us, we wont enter the code into the books, and it will look like no one has found that gift certificate, and it will not be valid.
  • If you do not have Instagram, you can take a photo of where you found it and walk over to the shop and we will enter the code in person and turn your certificate on.
  • If they aren’t all found on Saturday, we will post on our facebook page how many are left and the hunt will continue on Sunday.
  • These certificates can be used for tattoos or piercings!

HAPPY HUNTING!! Thank you all so much for being so awesome. We love you all. –
Stina, James, Steph, and Josh.