How old do I have to be to get a tattoo/piercing, do I need I.D. and can my parents sign for me?

In the state of NH, you MUST be 18 to get a tattoo.  No exceptions, no parental permission.  We need a legal form of I.D. with a photo.

Every person getting a tattoo or piercing MUST provide an I.D. no matter your age.

To get a piercing, you must be 18 with your accepted form of I.D. or have your parent, or legal guardian here, in person, to sign for you.  They may NOT call and give permission over the phone.  You may not bring them a legal form to sign at home and return with it.  They MUST be present. The parent or legal guardian must have an accepted form I.D. and you must also have I.D. or a birth certificate.  It must match your parents/ guardian.  For example, same last names and addresses on licenses, your parent’s name on your birth certificate, or a court document listing them as your guardian.

Forms of I.D. we accept; State issued license or non-drivers I.D., Military I.D. or a Passport. I.D. must have a recognizable photo.

For children getting a piercing, with parental consent, we accept; Birth certificate, license, non-drivers state I.D., military I.D. and passports.  THE STATE DOES NOT ACCEPT SCHOOL I.D.

If you show up to your appointment without your I.D., we will have to reschedule so please do not forget!