LEAVE A DEPOSIT HERE! (BUT read all the info below first!)

Read the listing carefully, as deposits are NON-refundable.

Please make sure that you fill out an online consult form and have heard back from us before leaving a deposit.

Online consult forms can be found here. 


The “item” you are purchasing is a Non-refundable deposit for a custom tattoo by either James, Stina, Josh or Steph. Purchasing this deposit means that you agree to the terms below. Please make sure that you read this carefully, as it is NONrefundable. For a more detailed and longer FAQ go to our website http://www.grimnorth.com. DO NOT PURCHASE A DEPOSIT IF YOU HAVE NOT FILLED OUT AN ONLINE CONSULT FORM, located on our website.

You must be 18 to get a tattoo, no exceptions, thanks!

How do I book an appointment for a tattoo?
Please click here and fill out this form completely. Online consult forms can be found here.  Describe your tattoo as accurately and thoroughly as possible. Please explain your placement on your body(left or right), your size guess, your budget, the correct spelling of any words in your tattoo, and a description of your design. It should only take one or two messages to get your idea across. The less back-and-forth emailing we do, the faster we can get to your tattoo. That means you need to include your thoughts on size and placement, and any budget or time constraints. You also need to include any previous correspondence from me so that I know what we’re discussing. Online consult forms can be found here. 

After I email you, then what?
Once I receive your form, I will reply. Because of my large workload and many requests, I can not take on every single tattoo inquiry. I might send your idea to another artist that I think will enjoy your design more or tattoo it better. Keep in mind that I get a lot of e-mail, so it can sometimes take a little while to reply.

What’s a deposit and how does it work?
Once I message you about your design, you will need to leave a deposit. I WILL NOT draw your tattoo without a deposit and and appointment. You can either stop in to leave it in cash/cc or leave one here. The deposit varies depending on the tattoo size from 50-250$. (if we would like you to leave more than $50, we’ll let you know ahead of time.  Otherwise it will be $50)

  • All deposits are non-refundable and holds your appointment.
  • It goes toward your LAST appointment.
  • It is not to purchase the artwork itself, but as a downpayment on your custom tattoo and to hold your space.
  • If you must cancel, please give us at least 48 hours of notice.  (more would be preferable)
  • If you cancel with 48 hours (or more) of notice, you will not lose your deposit the 1st time. The second cancelation will result in a forfeit of the deposit.
  • If you cancel within 48 hours, your deposit is forfeit and you’ll need to pay for your next appointment in advance to reschedule.
  • If you no show/no call, you lose your deposit and you will have to leave a deposit in the amount of the entire tattoo, (or in the case of a large multiple session tattoo, $400) before we will reschedule you.
  • If you show up more than 15 minutes late, you lose your deposit.
  • Please make sure that you are prepared to be tattooed, for the time that you have scheduled. (i.e.. on time, do not leave early, have the appropriate amount of money as agreed upon or the hourly rate for the hours that you are scheduled.)
  • If you have a budget for the appointment, make sure to let us know while scheduling you so that there aren’t any miscommunications.
  • If you don’t show up/call, disappear for 6 months etc… you’ll lose your deposit.
  • If I feel like you don’t respect my time, or value my services, I will probably discontinue our work relationship.
  •  If you cancel, consider if you think it would be a legitimate excuse for us to use on you. (i.e.. you get offered double time to work instead.  Would you think it’s acceptable to cancel our appointment because another client offered me more money than you did, despite our scheduled appointment?)
Please understand that these rules might seem harsh, but we are a very small business and your tattooer and you work one on one.  Please consider that your cancelation may cause someone a day of work.  We all understand that there are occasionally emergencies and legitimate reasons, but we will do our absolute best to be there and ready to work, and we ask that you will too.

After you leave a deposit, what happens?

  • After leaving a deposit, you will go on the waiting list. Each tattooer has their own personal waiting list. The length of your wait will depend on the artists workload, and the time of year. Tax season and summer are often much busier than winter or spring. (Josh has a much shorter waiting list, and he has more Saturday appointments available at this time.) The waiting list is broken into 2 sections, Saturday appointments and weekday appointments. When you leave your deposit you go on the list in order. If you are working on a multiple session tattoo, your name will go on the list each month for the amount of appointments you need. You will keep your place on the list for the duration of the tattoo, moving up as tattoos started before yours are finished. When you are a new client, starting a new tattoo, or have taken a break, you will be placed on the list in order, after the people who are already on the list. Because Saturday appointments are limited, that can make the Saturday lists fill up very quickly.
  • Each month (a month ahead of time) we begin calling people on our lists. We call our Saturday waiting lists first, and after 3 days, we begin calling the rest of the list in order. We offer clients all of the appointments available, so returning our calls, or answering is the best way to get a date that works for you. If you wait days to return our call, do not be surprised that there are less appointments.
  • If you are put on the waiting list and are called, and you decide to skip that month, you will be added to the next month’s waiting list at the end of the list. If you skip your appointment for 3 months, you will forfeit your deposit and will be taken off of the waiting list.
  • When we begin scheduling the month, the shop manager will call you, and we will set up the appointment. We do not schedule by email, or DM on instagram or facebook. You must answer or RETURN OUR CALL to be scheduled. Keep in mind that the appointment waiting list varies in time and may be a few weeks. If you have a specific time restraint, like you’ll only be here for a week on vacation, or will be moving away, please give the shop a call to discuss possible options before purchasing a deposit.  If you have time constraints, or days that you might be late/ or have to leave early, please let us know so that we may schedule appropriately. 603-433-2616

Can I see my design ahead of time?
No. I draw my designs either of the day of, or a couple of days before the appointment. I like to have the design fresh in my mind. That’s why I ask that you be thorough in your consult e-mail. I’m assuming that you looked at my portfolio and liked the work that you saw there. If my ideas are out of my normal style, I will call or email you to discuss. I’m not going to give you something you don’t like/want. If you don’t like what I’ve drawn, we can discuss or make changes on the day of the appointment. Nothing to stress about, I will make certain its exactly what you want. 🙂

What should I bring/do for my appointment?
Get a full night’s sleep and a hearty meal before your appointment. Arrive on time, or 5-10 minutes early. Please DO NOT wear perfumes or colognes, they’re too strong and will cause Stina to have a migraine.  (She loses vision. which will result in a rescheduled appointment.) MAKE SURE THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE A SUNBURN! You can NOT get a tattoo on sunburned skin.  Wear appropriate clothing.  You will need to expose whatever body part you’re having tattooed and the ink could stain the surrounding clothing.  Please make sure to bring a snack, and a bottle of water. You might want to bring a pillow, and a sweatshirt. It can get chilly when you’re half dressed.

Grim North Tattoo and Piercing
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Thanks- Stina, James, Steph and Josh