Expo INFO:
So this year, the Manchester NH Live free or die Expo will be at the Radisson in Manchester, NH. Buy tickets here! JULY 21st, 22nd and 23rd!! This weekend

It’s a huge hall with tons of vendors, Tattooers, art, food and clothes.  There are shows, contests, sideshow performances.  Everyone is welcome to come, hang out, or get tattooed.

We all are taking appointments for the weekend!! We have some spots filled, but not all of them.  So please pop us an email and we will be happy see what we can do.

If you have been tattooed by us, PLEASE PLEASE consider entering a contest.  Theres a link to the tattoo contests here. 
A lot of times, there are not many entries for some contests.  Especially on Friday night ( Half sleeve, Traditional tattoos, and cover ups all at 11pm).  If you have a Cover-up, a Half Sleeve or a traditional tattoo, PLEASE consider coming.  We often win contests, but we can’t if no one shows up! Sat at 3pm is your small/med/large color tattoos, Black and Grey and portraits.  And Sunday is best full sleeve, chest or back.  Seriously.  PLEASE take the time to show up for contests if you can, we really appreciate it.

Stina has a large design she would like to do on Sunday for a discounted rate of $500, and enter it into the contest for tattoo of the day.  If you are interested, check it out here. (or below lady with the tiger) It can fit on a calf/shin, forearm or thigh.

Everyone has quite a few designs, ready to go for a walk in during the convention, or you can check out some designs below and schedule! James can also do portraits, or black and grey roses there.  Email us


This Saturday, June 24th is Pride Day! Portsmouth has a ton of events going on all day and a parade! Please go to for info.  As part of the events we are going to be doing a huge fundraiser for Seacoast Outright, which is a nonprofit organization that gives teens support and help.  We will be open 11:30am-7pm and we will have Jeremiah Loui guest spotting with us. We are going to be doing tattoos all day, first come first serve. We have a ton of cool designs that show your pride or your support. We are seriously hoping to raise a bunch of money for this awesome organization. We will also have Louise out front selling a ton of luluroe leggings and she’ll also be donating funds to seacoast outright.

For those of you who might not want a tattoo, or might not be old enough, please stop in and buy a couple buttons, we have a bunch of designs. Or a Seacoast outright shirt and some leggings to match!

Get here early! We expect to be busy! For a peek at some of the designs, check out our Instagram @grimnorth_tattoo

Guest spot- Suzanna Fisher June 2-4

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Suzanna Fisher, from Seattle, will be guest spotting  Friday, June 2nd to Sunday, June 4th.  Suzanna owns Bellwether Tattoo and doesn’t usually have a lot of time to travel.  She is going to book up super fast.  She has a wide range of skills and styles, so there’s something for everyone to love.  Check out her tattoos on her instagram, and below.  Then make an appointment by e-mailing her at  Make sure to make the subject GRIM NORTH TATTOO, then tell her your name, phone#, description of tattoo, Size in inches, and body placement for your design. Attach any inspirational photos.

New ‘Alien Romance’ Tee Release

We put up a new tee in the shop for preorder!



Tees will ship March 31st, and preorders will be open for the next two weeks. If you order within this window, you will receive a handful of grim stickers, goodies, free shipping within the United States, and the first 10 will receive an original alien hand drawn sketch from Josh.

These are black fashion fit unisex Next Level Apparel tees, light and thin, with discharge ink to promote a soft, comfortable feel. Perfect for staring up at the stars on a hot summer night, or running from alien terror reigning death from above.


These will be of limited quantity so be sure you preorder from our webstore.


E-mail and scheduling 3/1/2017

So last month I made a post about emails, scheduling and wait list times.  First, I encourage you to look at our FAQ and see how we schedule and book.  There are 3 tattooers here, Stina, James and Josh. Josh usually has some time free each week, and doesn’t usually have a waiting list that lasts over a month.  James does a lot of black and grey work which can be very time consuming, so each piece might take more appointments.  That means he has less slots open for new clients or projects.  Stina has some larger pieces, but usually has room each month for some new projects.

We are now in the busiest time of year.

Everyone is getting their tax money, and everyone wants a tattoo.  Please understand, we want to do all of your tattoos, but sometimes time constraints can make it difficult.  Here are some things to consider;

1. We get a LOT of emails. Sometimes up to 100 a day during tax season. We are tattooing everyday and CAN NOT reply to every e-mail daily. We usually do email each week, but when there are 500 emails, it might be two weeks. Try to explain your ideas as thouroughly as possible. The less back and forth, the faster for you.

2. If you are looking to get tattooed that day, call the shop or walk in.  Josh can often accommodate walk-ins. But if you email in the morning about an afternoon appointment, we will not see it.

3.We can not tattoo every person.  I wish that it were so, but James had 22 people ask him for appointments this week alone, and he can only do about 10-14 appointments a week. If you want something simple, or something that’s not specifically custom to the artist, you might be asked to go to Josh, who has more time, and is very capable of doing excellent work.

4. Josh is currently booking March and April. Stina is taking people for her May And June waiting list. James is currently has a full workload until June.  Because he currently has so many large projects, he will not be taking most new projects until he opens his July waiting list.

5. We are not always able to accommodate everyone. We try our best, but there are more people looking for appointments than we have time for. We try our best to help everyone, but if the style you are looking for doesn’t suit one of us and we think someone else might be better for you, we might recommend another artist outside of our shop.

6. If you are on the waiting list for a specific month, and we call to schedule you, PLEASE call us back. We have multiple people who dont return our calls and wait until the next month. Our schedules are full and if you skip the month you’re on the waiting list for, you will have to wait much longer. We can’t book you an appointment if you dont call us back.

We are really excited to work with everyone, and sometimes if it takes 10 days to reply to your email, you might feel like we aren’t interested, but please understand that we are. We want everyone to be happy, but we also want to make sure you get the attention that you deserve. 🙂 Hope you guys all get amazing tax returns and we look forward to working with you guys on some great projects.

Tell your mom you want a tattoo

It’s that time of year you’ve all been waiting for.

Maybe you buy yourself a gift certificate, maybe for a loved one, or maybe you send this e-mail along to your grandma. But the end result is that its our big gift certificate sale! You’ll notice we don’t really send out mailing lists often, but every year we like to say thanks to our clients and friends by sending out some special discount codes for gift certificates. When you purchase the certificates, the code space is on the last page, after you sign into paypal, so don’t forget!

On November 21 @7am These codes will turn on (they are limited to certain amounts and will stop working when they sell out):

Use code TENOFF to get $10 off of $100 or more gift certificate. (limited to 25)
Use code FORTYOFF to get $40 off of a $250 or more gift certificate (Limited to 10)
Use code HOLIDAY16 to get $100 off of a $500 or more gift certificate (limited to 10)
On Saturday November 26 @9am This code will turn on (its limited and will stop working when it sells out):
Use code TWENTYOFF to get $20 off of your gift certificate order of $100 or more.
And for those of you who will wait until the last minute, we got you. On December 16th to December 21st we will be selling a 10% off any gift certificate coupon. We will ship them out on that tuesday morning Dec 22. So they really will be LAST minute. Use the code LASTMINUTE

These gift certificates are non-refundable but they also don’t expire!

Waiting lists and piercing

A couple quick notes.

  1. Saturday Sept 3rd, our piercer, Stephanie, will be out.  She will be having a $5 off piercing special for students with a UNH ID all of next week.
  2. We are trying to keep up with email. Right now, James and Stina are booked until Dec. So, please be patient and understand that if we take a couple weeks to respond, it’s not a huge deal, because we aren’t booking anyone else right this moment either.
  3. Josh is taking clients.mHe’s busy, but he has a ton of time and is waiting to take appointments and walk-ins.
  4. At this time, James is no longer taking new clients until after the new year.  He’s started some really huge projects recently, so his work load is full until then.  We will be opening his books again around November/Dec.  You’re welcome to ask him questions and pop over your ideas, but please understand that he can’t make any commitments until then. When we open his books, he will begging taking clients for his waiting list for 2017.
  5. We would love to work with every single person, so please don’t take it personally, but we are not always able to fit each person into the schedule.


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