Stephanie is a licensed, professional piercer and she is also a licensed cosmetologist, both for the state of New Hampshire.  At Grim North Stephanie performs a number of jobs.  She’s not only our piercer, she’s also our studio manager.  Luckily for us, she used to work at a small company doing paperwork, managerial duties, customer service and organizing.  Now she pretty much keeps Grim North running perfectly, and spotlessly.  Because of her background as a cosmetologist, she has a special skill for understanding face and body composition, which comes in handy with placing your piercing in the most flattering way.  The combination of piercing and beautician is also extremely useful because that means she’s taken and passed classes on skin disorders, diseases, blood born pathogens, make-up, how to flatter face shapes and skin tones, sanitation, and sterilization.  She’s extremely clean and professional but she has the type of personality that’s easy to relax around and be yourself.  She welcomes all questions and loves to work one-on-one to create custom piercing designs.