Click on the images below to view our price list.  Multiple piercings on the same person will often have a discounted price.

The State of NH REQUIRES:

You must be 18, with a state I.D. to receive a piercing. Please have your license, passport or Non-driver’s I.D. ready. If you are a minor, you must have one of the following;

  • License or Non-driver’s I.D.
  • Passport
  • Birth certificate with a Photo school I.D.

You must be accompanied by a legal guardian or parent. 

They must have;

  • A passport, license or nondriver’s I.D with the same last name or address. 
  • If they have been remarried, or do not have the same address you will need your birth certificate to list them as a parent.
  • If your legal guardian is not your parent, they will have legal paperwork stating that they are your guardian which we will need.

We do not pierce the nipples of minors.

We have minimum age restrictions for specific piercings.

We do not pierce children under 12.