At Grim North we are dedicated to making everyone comfortable and safe.  We understand that as a parent, it’s your obligation to care for your child and make sure that they are not only safe, but make good choices.  That’s why Stephanie will answer all questions and work with you to make sure that you’re happy and feel good about giving permission.  Steph will never put pressure on you or your child.


Here are some frequently asked questions; (we are adding more, so please bear with us!)

Are you clean? Yes.  There are a few things that make cleanliness obvious.  First, we use an ultrasonic and autoclave to sterilize every tool before use.  Our sterilizer is tested for accuracy monthly. Each item is in a sealed package which Steph will open in front of you so that you know it has been sterilized.  The jewelry is brand new, has never been used and is also sterilized.  Before you sit down, every surface is wiped with a chemical sanitizer called MadaCide.

What does the state require?

The State of NH REQUIRES:

You must be 18, with a state I.D. to receive a piercing. Please have your license, passport or Non-driver’s I.D. ready. If you are a minor, you must have the following:

  • Birth certificate

You must be accompanied by a legal guardian or parent. A SCHOOL I.D. WILL NOT WORK. INSURANCE CARDS WILL NOT WORK.

They must have;

    • A passport, license or nondriver’s I.D with the same parents name listed on the minors birth certificate.
    • If your legal guardian is not your parent, they will have legal paperwork stating that they are your guardian which we will need.


As a Parent, what do I need to do? As a parent, you are signing a waver stating that you’ll be responsible for your child.  We like parents to be involved. That means that you need make sure that you read up and understand the aftercare and healing process.  You need to make sure that your child is washing their hands and their piercing properly and with soap.  You also need to make sure that they are doing sea salt soaks. Teenagers frequent a lot of germs places and they need to be constantly reminded not to touch their piercings unless it is after washing and only during a cleaning.  You’ll have to tell them to stop touching it all the time.  If you don’t understand the aftercare, and you don’t help them to remember not to touch their new piercing, it could get infected.

 How do you prevent infection? What are signs of infection?  If you follow the aftercare procedures that are provided to you you should not have any problems.  You will want to wash your piercing once a day with a mild soap.  At the opposite end of the day you will want to do a sea salt soak.  Always make sure to wash your hands before cleaning or touching your piercing.  Signs of infection may be itching, redness and/or heat in the area of your piercing.  If you think your piercing is infected seek treatment from your doctor.  You may need an antibiotic.  DO NOT REMOVE THE PIERCING.  Closing of the piercing will trap the infection

Is there anything I should or shouldn’t use?  My friend told me to use something different than what Steph told me.  

  • Never use antibiotic ointments like neosporin, Bacitracin or A&D.  The medicine wears off in a few minutes, leaving the piercing sealed with ointment and unable to get air.  This will cause infection. 
  • Never use medicinal washes like alcohol, peroxide or bactine.  They feel great when you first use them, but they dry out your piecing and cause it to be chapped, which leads to cracking, poor healing and possible infection.  
  • You should follow the instructions and use clean hands, mild soap and water, and sea salt soaks.  If you loose your instructions, just call. 

Can my child be allergic to the jewelry? We always carry high quality surgical stainless steel jewelry, some titanium and some gold.  ( Surgical stainless steel is what is used in surgeries and is considered the safest and least likely to cause allergic reactions) If your child has allergies, let us know.  Because we make it our priority to know everything that our jewelry is made of we can usually find something that is safe for your child and their allergy.  If we don’t have anything in stock, we can order something.

 Does it hurt? Will it bleed?  Everyone is different, but keep in mind it is a needle going through your skin.  It isn’t abnormal for it to be uncomfortable or to bleed a little.  Most people say it’s not bad at all, just a little pinch.

What is the difference between going to Grim North or going to the mall to get my ears pierced?  When you get your ears pierced at the mall they will use a “piercing gun”.  These are not sterilized and the same “piercing gun” is used on every customer, having a much greater risk of disease or infection.  “Piercing guns” also use the jewelry to pierce you rather than a needle.  Because it is not piercing you with a hollow tip the force can cause cracks in your cartilage, which can be more painful, can trap bacteria or germs and usually takes longer to heal.

I’m worried about my child’s job.  My advice on this is to chose your piercing responsibly.  Most jobs are accepting of ear piercings and nostril piercings if they are small and tasteful.  Have your child check with their employer before getting facial piercings.  It’s a waste of your time and money to get a piercing only to have to take it out for a work shift and have it close.
My child plays a sport, is a piercing safe during their sports season?  It depends a lot on what sport they play and what piercing they’d like.  It would be safest to wait until the end of the season, but for a few piercings, it’s possible to protect them with a bandage during a game.