Some stuff we made

So we started using this new website and we have a lot of super cool stuff for sale.   So many awesome leggings, throw pillows, duvet covers(blankets), phone covers, iPad cases,  shirts, sweatshirts, stickers!

Click here to see!!

image image image image

Piercing hours for January

There will be no piercer Tuesday Jan 13-Thursday Jan 15.  Friday 1/16 piercing 11am-7pm.  Saturday 1/17 piercing 11am-8pm,

Piercing hours for the remainder of January (1/20-1/31/15)

Tuesday: 11:30am-7pm

Wednesday: 2:30pm-7pm

Thursday: 2:30pm-7pm

Friday: 11:30am-7pm

Saturday: 11am-8pm

Last minute Gift Certificates.

So, we know that its now december 20th and you still didn’t buy anything for your partner/sibling/parent/bestie.  We also know that it’s nearly too late and everyone will hate you for being such a terrible gift giver.  Thats why we are doing the kind thing and giving you one more day of discounts. Ha! So buy a certificate now with the discount code PROCRASTINATOR4EVA and get 10% off of your gift certificate and be a hero.  Or you can stop at the dollar store, I’m sure your mom would love a feather duster.  Your choice. Go to to use the code.  We will be mailing these out on Monday.

Surprise coupon code!

DONT SNOOZE! go to to buy NOW! December 15th ONLY.

For 2 people ONLY! The first two people to use the code MAGICGRIM get $50 off of their $250 gift certificate or order. (one per person)

Thanks guys, good luck! And if you missed this one… keep watching.  There might be more… ;)


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