Tattoo ink scare

So recently I’ve gotten a few private messages about some tattoo ink being recalled because it’s water was contaminated with a bunch of gross crap that was giving people hideous infections.

First I’m going to assure you, we didn’t use that ink. So if we’ve tattooed you, you can feel assured that you’re safe.

Second, most people who have been tattooed by us also know what maniacs we are about sanitation and having the highest quality products.
Having contaminated ink is not even in the realm of possibility for us. It won’t happen. We take great care to follow rules and regulations and only order ink from small American companies (who we personally know, and know are sanitary.)

What was the problem? Why did it happen? Well, the problem is that there are people tattooing out of homes illegally. They aren’t licensed and they aren’t regulated. They haven’t been trained in any sort of safety or sanitation practices. I’ve heard a lot of people say, “But the guy was SO clean!” It can look very clean on the outside, but the real problem lies in two areas. 1. These people do not have the training to understand certain aspects, such as ink ingredients, needle quality and water sanitation. So they DO NOT know if their supplies are safe! And 2. When people are breaking the law to tattoo out of their homes, they are not allowed to purchase professional equipment. They must show a tattoo license and state ID to purchase them. So their options are to buy non professional equipment like “tattoo kits”, Chinese ink and needles, or opened and used inks and supplies off of ebay. These items can not ever be regulated because they are not for professionals, they are for people tattooing illegally.

Ebay inks and equipment is dangerous for a few reasons, mostly because some of those inks are opened. You don’t know if they’ve been contaminated with blood borne pathogens or filled half with water. The “sterilized” equipment might be sterilized… Or it might not. You have to take the seller’s word.

Tattoo kits are generally made up of “sterilized” needles and tubes with small bottles of ink. They are shipped from China. The “sterilized” equipment is marked as sterilized but often have no dates, you also get no proof that the sterilizer itself is in proper working order.

Which brings us to the ink.
Unfortunately, Chinese companies are allowed to sell all sorts of things here that aren’t safe. They aren’t required to sell to professionals and their inks are based on their practices and not ours. These companies make a large amount of money off of ignorant people, tattooing illegally, who don’t know what is safe. Many of the inks they sell use contaminated water, weird acrylic polymers, and questionable pigments. On top of that, they suck and look bad.

So while I appreciate and understand the concern people have about inks and contamination, please be assured that that is not a real issue for high quality tattoo work. That’s why my ink is 5 times more expensive. It’s made in America in a controlled environment with sanitized conditions, clean water and luxurious pigments. I have to provide my info, and shop license before they will sell to me and I have personally spoken with the business owner about his ingredients on various occasions.

Hope that helps those of you who have been asking.

Stina Sardinha Wulfe
Grim North Tattoo
167 high st. Portsmouth NH

No piercer Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Hey all! 

Going for a Stobbs family trip to Washington DC to see our beautiful cousin get married!  Unfortunately that means I won’t be in the shop to help you with your piercing needs.  I will be here today Wednesday 8/5 until 7 if there are any piercings that you can’t live with out getting before Tuesday.  Otherwise, next week I’ll be back in for my normal schedule.  

Hope everyone has a great weekend! :)

Updated website

Hello everyone, I am currently making some website changes and updates.  I am trying a new shopping cart system and a few other things.  Please take a look around and let me know if anything isn’t working correctly.  Thanks so much.

LFOD tattoo expo!

Grim North will be at the LFOD 2014 convention.
July 18th, 19th and 20th 2014

The LFOD Tattoo expo is a great time for everyone. Its pretty much a room filled with over a hundred tattooers and piercers from around the Northeast with a few people traveling from all over. There are shows, contests, prizes, music, and a pin up contest. Of course all of the tattooers and piercers will be working and many will be taking walk-ins and offering specials.
info on the expo can be found here

We would LOVE to have you enter a tattoo contest at the LFOD expo.  We have a special going on.  If you win 1st place in any tattoo or piercing contest, you get a $100 gift certificate to Grim North.  2nd place is $50 gc and 3rd place is $25. There are a LOT of contests and we usually win a few.  Theres a good chance you can win! Click here for contests.  
If you aren’t sure what category your tattoo falls into, just message us by clicking here 

Walk-ins and Appointments are now available
James, Stina, Myles and Steph will be taking appointments for tattoos and piercings during the expo.  We will also be doing Walk-ins.  We each will have dozens of one-off designs available at special pricing.  Make an appointment HERE, or stop by our booth for a walk-in or a pre-drawn custom design.  





Shirts, Stickers and freebies
Make sure to stop in and stop at our booth.  We are going to have brand new, limited edition T shirts, based on a Game of Thrones design.  We are also going to have a ton of great new stickers and pins for free!











Party for Myles and walk-in Star Wars day

So, to welcome Myles to the shop, we are having a big party this saturday night at 9pm.  Every one is invited so please stop in!

We are also having a discounted Star-Wars walk-in tattoo day before the party.  That starts on Sat, May 3rd at 12 noon. Steph, Stina and Myles will be taking walk-ins. We will have a ton of designs to choose from. First come, first serve until we run out of time. Smaller tattoos start at $50 (marked down from 80 or 100) and others are $100 (marked down from $150) with a couple larger tattoos for $200 (marked down from $300)

Click on this link to see the event info on our Facebook page, and share it with your friends please.

Heres a couple pictures to show you some stuff we have :)

IMG_3859 IMG_3860 IMG_3858 IMG_3857 star wars flash day


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