Valentine’s flash day. Sat Feb 13th 2016

This Saturday, February 13th at 12pm, we will be having a Valentine’s flash day.

What does that mean?

  • First come, first served.  We will begin a list, and it will fill up.  We only have a limited amount of time and space, and most of the designs are actually a good size, so we might be able to take 5 tattoos each… or 2.  It will depend on you!
  • You need a state ID, passport or Military ID. You have to be 18. 
  • Stina, James and Josh will each be tattooing.  Steph will be doing piercings. 
  • These designs are not one off, that means we will eventually might make prints artwork or tattoo it on other people.  We did draw them all, and they are custom designs.
  • Stina and James will share most of their designs, so you might get whoever has time.
  • Josh is an apprentice.  Please understand what that means.  He is very new at tattooing, and he is slow.  He’s still learning. Josh will ONLY tattoo his OWN designs.
  • Josh has very limited time.  He will probably only do 2-3 tattoos.  If you would like to get one of his designs, he is booking appointments for his designs only. (pizza,skull,coffee etc..) Tuesdays and Thursdays only.  Apprentice rates.  Fill out a consult form, list Josh and the design you want.  He will be happy to let you know the price.
  • No ribs, no hands, no stomachs, no necks today. Josh will ONLY tattoo arms and legs.
  • We don’t have a lot of time to make changes to the designs.  If you want things altered or added, thats ok, but you’ll have to make an appointment for a later date. For this Valentine’s day we will be doing the designs as is, and the size they are.  you CAN change the colors though!
  • The prices for Stina and James will be listed with the design on Valentine’s day.  They are slightly discounted. Most of the designs vary between $70-$300.
  • If you would like to get one of these designs, and you can’t come to our Valentine’s Flash day event, you’re welcome to fill out a consult page and make an appointment for a later day.  We always LOVE to tattoo our own art.  Questions? Give us a call or email us.

We are really excited to see everyone there.  Check out some of our designs below. ( The top left designs are for Josh only.)  We are going to have all sorts of treats and candy!

valentines designs

Happy 2016

Happy 2016 everyone.  2015 was a really great year, we all made awesome artwork and did a lot of really unique tattoos.  Steph did tons of piercings and people really branched out and got some beautiful piercing jewelry.

We hired Josh Belanger to be our new apprentice and he’s worked his butt off to get where he is.  He’s finally at the point where he’s going to be doing apprentice tattoos at apprentice rates. Email for more info.

We have a lot of plans for 2016.  Conventions, guest spots and travel.  We have some really interesting tattoos booked up already and it looks like another exciting year.

We have Shawn Hebrank confirmed for visiting March 9th, 10th and 11th.  But he’s already almost booked up, so message him really fast!

We are really excited to see what this year brings.  Make surety follow us and check back to see what other things we’re up to.

Stina, James, Steph and Josh


Ok, so here it is! The sales! 

Starting right now, 12am November 21 we have some gift certificate sales!

Go to our store or click here! 

  • We have a code 10off for %10 off of all gift certificates that will run November 21-31st.   Anyone can use this and it doesn’t run out.
  • If you spend at least $100 on a gift certificate we have a %20 off code HOLIDAY20 but! here’s the kicker, it can ONLY be used 25 times.  Thats it.  It will go FAST.
  • And Lastly! We only have 2 of these discounts.  The code is YES and if you spend $300 or more, and you use this code, you’ll get $75 off. Seriously. Why are you even still reading this?  GO!

And if you missed these discounts we will have a last minute sale for %10 off of your gift certificates December 19th-21.

So tell your friends and family this is what you want!


Holiday Sales

Every year we put out a limited number of gift certificate specials for the holidays!

This year we are going to have a few specials, but they will be limited, so make sure that you grab them up while you can!

November 21th-November 30th we will have a %10 sale off of Gift certificates. We will also have a couple surprises on the website but they will be first come first serve.  So you really have to snatch those up ASAP.

And for you last minute shoppers December 19-21 we will have %10 off of your gift certificates as well.

Check back here, because the specials will be limited and first come, first serve. Follow us on Facebook to find out more info, or check back often :)



Han for the Holidays

New Star Wars contest! GO to instagram to enter. Don’t delay! 


So a group of us have teamed up to bring you an awesome contest over on instagram. This contest is amazing so do not miss out.  CLICK

To win, REPOST THE PHOTO ABOVE, then hashtag #hanfortheholidays follow and tag @jetpackcomics @coatofarmspub @joshuabelanger @teawulfe  enter as often as you like. 

A winner will be chosen Dec. 4th.  


Seriously people. These prizes are awesome and are valued somewhere around $550+

  • 2 tickets to the RPX sat, Dec 19th 7pm showing of The Force Awakens, seats G13 and G14 in king size recliners.  FoxRun Regal cinema.  Newington, Nh  Most of the weekend showings only have terrible seats left, and these seats are right in the center with a ton of space to sprawl out.           Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 3.45.49 PM
  • A big NEW Star Wars comic pack from @jetpackcomics located in Rochester NH. (which you can pick up during your tattoo appointment.) 
  • A $250 tattoo from Stina @teawulfe at 12pm, Sat, Dec 19th. At Grim North in Portsmouth NH. (that time and date only, but any tattoo that you want, you just gotta let me know what you want when you win, so have your ideas ready!)
  • A $50 gift certificate for dinner and drinks @coatofarmspub in Portsmouth, Nh
  • AND an original pen and ink 15″x20″ reaper illustration by @joshuabelanger who’s designed many albums, shirts, and posters. IMG_6883.JPG

Shop Vacation

Every year we close the shop for a week vacation to spend with our families, take a break and get recharged to work with everyone.

We will be closed Saturday, October 31st to November 6th and reopening on Saturday November 7th. 

Keep in mind please, while we are on vacation, we are NOT answering the phone or e-mails.  We will get back to tattooing, piercing and answering e-mail/returning calls when we return. 

We WILL be having a piercing special this week, November 29-30th $10 off of every piercing.

OCT 28-29-30 Piercing Special

So, we are going to be closed from October 31 to November 6th, reopening on Saturday November 7th.

Because we will be closed those days, you can come in and get a piercing for $10 off this week.  Wed, October 28 to Friday the 30th come in and get $10 off of any piercing!  Walk in, or call to schedule.  Don’t forget ID.


Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 3.05.43 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 3.05.17 PMScreen Shot 2015-10-27 at 3.04.53 PMScreen Shot 2015-10-27 at 3.05.31 PM


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