Piercing hours 6/26-6/30/18

Piercing hours this week are a little shorter than usual.  Our tattooer friends are unable to help you with any piercing needs, so please plan on coming when Steph is at the shop.

Tuesday 11-4:30

Wednesday 11-6:30

Thursday 3:30-6:30

Friday 11-6:30


Hope everyone has a great week! 🙂

Seacoast Outright fundraiser 2018



In a world where suicide and self- harm is a common factor, it’s important to provide safe places, and support for children and youth. That’s why we do a fundraiser for SeacoastOutright.org.

We welcome 18 year old LGBTQ+ people and their allies to walk-in on June 23rd to choose a tattoo to support Seacoast Outright. Starting at 12 noon, people will be able to choose from designs, from tattooists from all over the country. Pricing will start at $60 and go up to $400. (With a majority of the designs in the middle of the pricing.) we will be posting some of the designs on our facebook and instagram, so keep an eye out.

Please note that allies ARE WELCOME. We want your money too haha! This is a perfect time to show support for your loved ones, and maybe even get matching tattoos with your loved one. Last year we raised around 3.5k for Seacoast Outright and we are hoping to push harder and get more for this year.

IF YOU CAN NOT COME! please click on the link and share the event, please go to SeacoastOutright.org and donate a few dollars or buy a shirt, or stop in the shop and purchase a NH support sticker.

Seacoast Outright is celebrating its 25th year supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning youth and their allies in the Seacoast area and beyond. Thier youth group meetings allow LGBTQ+ youth the freedom to explore issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity in A safe place, supervised by experienced adult facilitators.



Gift certificate hunt is now live!

Go here for all the info, rules and hints!


News and our FREE gift certificate treasure hunt.


Happy 6th anniversary
Grim North Tattoo and Piercing
We have lots of news for you guys! Firstly, We just celebrated our 6th anniversary as Grim North Tattoo and piercing. It takes a lot of work, a lot of time and effort, to be able to keep our shop open and we couldn’t do that without the love, the trust, respect (and money haha) you guys have given us. We do work really hard, but we are happy to put so much effort into so many amazing people. Sometimes I cant believe how amazing my job is. So thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. You’re all amazing. As a thank you, this year we are going to do a treasure hunt on Sat April 14th. We are going to hide a bunch of gift certificates worth $50 in locations around Portsmouth and surrounding areas. So grab a few friends, plan a trip to visit the area, and spend the day hanging around outside searching! It’ll be like Pokémon Go, only with other real people, in real life, and you get a better prize. Keep scrolling to the bottom for rules and how its going to work!
Boston Convention. April 27-29
We are doing the Boston Tattoo convention this year.
Go to http://www.Bostontattooconvention.com for more info on hours, and directions.
Josh is booking appointments for the 27th and the 29th. James is Booking appointments for 27th, 28th and 29th. And Stina is booking for the 28th. Go to our website GrimNorth.com to inquire about making an appointment. There are also contests, we would LOVE if anyone wants to enter a contest. It means a lot to us when people love our work enough to enter a contest. If you win a contest, you get a $50 gift certificate to Grim North Tattoo.
May the 4th is our Star Wars Walk-in flash event! 12pm
Make sure to check our our instagram pages and facebook for sneak peaks of the designs we will have available, and the rules. We will have some other Star Wars based art, pins, patches and fun stuff available. It’s first come, first serve so make sure to be there at noon. Also check out our patch and pin store laserbrainpatchco.com to see our new Star Wars designs.
Manchester NH Live Free or Die tattoo Convention.
July 20th, 21st, 22nd. Livefreeordietattoo.com
Just a reminder, we are doing the LFOD Manchester NH tattoo convention. IF you would like to attend, tickets are cheaper ahead of time. Also, we would really love it if you would consider entering a contest. They list the contest days and times a little closer to the dates, but most color and black and grey are on Saturday. Traditional tattoo is usually Friday. Last year we had 2 people enter contests, and they were amazing people. We won a trophy and thats awesome, but its hard to win when people don’t enter. And I completely understand! Everyone has plans. BUT if you win a contest, you get a $50 gift certificate to Grim North Tattoo.
Seacoast Outright Fundraiser.
There is no date or time set yet, but last year we did a walk in flash day for PRIDE, where people chose from designs and the profits went to Seacoast Outright Youth group. We are in the works of planning a second one! Keep an eye out on more to come.
Ok I know this is what you’ve been really waiting for. Here’s the details:
Early in the morning on Saturday April 14th, we are going to drive around town, and some nearby areas, and hide $50-$100 Certificates!!!
They will be wrapped in plastic, inside a type of container. So they’re safe even if they get wet.

  • On Saturday afternoon, at 12pm, we will post a picture of what the containers look like, a list of the areas they are in (example 5 gift certificates in Prescott park area) on our facebook page, on our instagram page, or you can stop into the shop and we will have print outs.
  • Each one will be $50 or more (there will be a couple $100 certificates, but you can only get 1 per person. After you find one, please let other people play too.
  • To activate these gift certificates, you need to post a picture of where you found it on your instagram and tag @grimnorth_tattoo in the photo itself.
  • If you dont post and tag us, we wont enter the code into the books, and it will look like no one has found that gift certificate, and it will not be valid.
  • If you do not have Instagram, you can take a photo of where you found it and walk over to the shop and we will enter the code in person and turn your certificate on.
  • If they aren’t all found on Saturday, we will post on our facebook page how many are left and the hunt will continue on Sunday.
  • These certificates can be used for tattoos or piercings!

HAPPY HUNTING!! Thank you all so much for being so awesome. We love you all. –
Stina, James, Steph, and Josh.

Piercing hours 4/3-4/10/18

Steph is taking a mini trip to sunny Florida. Piercing hours will be shortened this week.

Hours are as followed:

Tues 4/3 11am-6:30pm

Wed 4/4 11am-6:30pm

Thurs 4/5 3:30pm-6:30pm

Fri 4/6 11am-1:30pm



I will be back on Wednesday 4/11 regular hours.  Thanks! 🙂

February 2018

Hello everyone. First I want to say thanks for making 2017 an amazing year. Sometimes its hard to keep up with the new portion of this website because we do so much on instagram and facebook. Sorry if we neglect this sometimes. Please do take a moment to peek at our instagram pages @grimnorth_tattoo, @grimnorthpiercing @teawulfe @jmwulfe @joshuabelanger (and our side Project @laserbrainpatchco) or our Facebook page. Sign up for our chill mailing list.

So we are really heading into tax season. Every year it comes up on us silent and deadly. Last week I had 4 cancelations, and this week I’ve already had 20 e-mails for March. We get slammed quickly. So Im writing this info blog as a way to help you all out in navigating the confusion of tax season tattoos.

  • First, we are really excited to get so many amazing ideas. The fact that you all trust us with your bodies, and your dreams is amazing and we are so grateful to work with you. It’s awesome to meet so many interesting people and we love it.
  • There are only so many hours in a day and a week. Saturday appointments get booked quickly. Josh will often leave part of his Saturdays open so that he can take walk-ins, but Stina and James have most of their Saturday waiting lists booked for 2-3 months. If you are trying to get a tattoo appointment and you can only do Saturdays please let your artists know ahead of time, otherwise we will assume your schedule is flexible.
  • Please read our FAQ. I know I know, its so long and boring. BUT it explains how our waiting lists work, what ID we need, the costs/rates, what you should bring to your appointment, and some safety tips. We want your experience to be easy and amazing, we want your tattoo to be perfect, so take a moment to read the FAQ before you book.
  • E-mail. During the normal year we try and get back to emails as quickly as possible but keep in mind that we are often tattooing for 8 hours a day, and then drawing up your appointments. Sometimes it can be a little bit before we can reply to all of our emails. During Tax season, the shop might get literally 200+ emails a week. During this time I spend 8 hours a week replying to e-mail and often don’t answer it all. We try our hardest, but during March and April, its common for e-mail to take 2 weeks for a reply. Keep in mind that our waiting lists are usually 3 months in march, so the 2 week wait for e-mail does not effect your tattoo wait time. If you would like to get a tattoo with the shortest wait time possible, please fill out an appointment form and pick Josh as your tattooer. He has the shortest waiting list.
  • Pricing and cost. This is often the most difficult of questions because each style of tattoo, the size of the tattoo, each location of body, each color of ink, can change the amount of time the tattoo takes. The best way to get an accurate price guesstimate is to give us an accurate size guess of what you want. If you are a tiny person and you tell me your arm is 6 feet long, you are not going to get an accurate price guess. So grab a ruler and fill out our appointment form with a realistic size guess. Any tattoo under 3 hours long will be priced be size. Our shop minimum is $70. Stina’s and James’ tattoo minimum prices are $250. Tattoos over 3 hours long will be priced hourly. Josh’s hourly rate is $125 an hour with a minimum of 3 hour appointments. Stina’s and James’ hourly rate is $150 an hour with a minimum of 3 hour appointments.
  • Please take a look at our portfolios. Our instagrams have our most up to date work. @grimnorth_tattoo @teawulfe @jmwulfe @joshuabelanger Pick an artist who’s style interests you. If you want a design that we don’t think will work with any of our styles, we will be happy to point you to a trusted colleague who’s style works with you.

PLEASE SIGN UP FOR THE MAILING LIST. We only mail our list about 5 times a year and it’s usually for events, raffles, prizes, gift certificate sales, and special news.

So I hope I haven’t made anyone too overwhelmed haha. We really love working with you, and we want it to be nice and easy for you to understand our processes so that you don’t feel worried and you get the best tattoo. If you have a question, just give us a call or drop an email. If you have a design you want to get but aren’t sure what will work, just drop us an email, we are happy to help. We are really excited for this upcoming tax season, and we are excited to do a ton of awesome new work. Thanks so much for considering us/choosing us/ getting tattooed/ or just checking out our work. -Stina

Make sure to sign up for our mailing list because we have big plans for this years May the 4th be with you/ Star Wars day!


Expo INFO:
So this year, the Manchester NH Live free or die Expo will be at the Radisson in Manchester, NH. Buy tickets here! JULY 21st, 22nd and 23rd!! This weekend

It’s a huge hall with tons of vendors, Tattooers, art, food and clothes.  There are shows, contests, sideshow performances.  Everyone is welcome to come, hang out, or get tattooed.

We all are taking appointments for the weekend!! We have some spots filled, but not all of them.  So please pop us an email GrimNorth@me.com and we will be happy see what we can do.

If you have been tattooed by us, PLEASE PLEASE consider entering a contest.  Theres a link to the tattoo contests here. 
A lot of times, there are not many entries for some contests.  Especially on Friday night ( Half sleeve, Traditional tattoos, and cover ups all at 11pm).  If you have a Cover-up, a Half Sleeve or a traditional tattoo, PLEASE consider coming.  We often win contests, but we can’t if no one shows up! Sat at 3pm is your small/med/large color tattoos, Black and Grey and portraits.  And Sunday is best full sleeve, chest or back.  Seriously.  PLEASE take the time to show up for contests if you can, we really appreciate it.

Stina has a large design she would like to do on Sunday for a discounted rate of $500, and enter it into the contest for tattoo of the day.  If you are interested, check it out here. (or below lady with the tiger) It can fit on a calf/shin, forearm or thigh.

Everyone has quite a few designs, ready to go for a walk in during the convention, or you can check out some designs below and schedule! James can also do portraits, or black and grey roses there.  Email us GrimNorth@me.com

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